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    A story about managing anger

    Story: Albert and Sarah Jane

    Story: Feathers and Fur 4/20

    Story read by Mrs. Bondo

    K-2 Schedule     

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    Please see The tab to the left that says : This weeks assignments

    I want to add a website for you to use for Science and Social Studies:  Brainpop Jr.  The kids really like this site, and we now have access to it for the next few months.

    On the web, go to Brainpop Jr., go to LOG IN  type in: free9042   You will have to create an account, but by using our Log In you will be added to my class, and can submit work to me.  Once logged in on a tablet, it seems that unless you log out, it will keep you logged in so you won't have to log in each time.

    I want to also share the four websites that we have been using in class on our ipads and in the computer lab.
    Once you get these set up on a device, your child should be able to access all by themselves!

    CAPIT:     To find this you can Google "CAPIT reading app"  Once you have downloaded the free app open it.  You should see two boxes in the email box type:  deborah.bondo@dvusd.org   In the  password box type:  Deborah123/
    It should then say capit and beneath it have an arrow.  Click on, or touch it. Then touch the homeroom icon, then your childs name...use arrow at side if it's not on the first page or two.
    Your child has a two picture password.  They should know it, if not it is probably what I set up which is elephant, duck.  They should know what to do from there.  This program keeps moving them forward as they pass skill sets.

    Dreambox:    Google "Dreambox app" and download the app.  Once you are in the app it will ask for the school code it is f3aq/yw8r    If on a laptop or computer use:  https://play.dreambox.com/login/f3aq/yw8r
    This is where it can get confusing click at the very bottom where it says:
    No Classroom code/  Click here,  then touch the Bondo Math Kindergarten link, your childs name, childs password and they are in!

    Raz-Kids:  Google "raz kids login"  download the app that is called Kids A-Z with the robot picture.  Open the app., enter dbondo for the teachers name, enter and you should see the student names.  Their password should be the bunny (B for Bondo/Bunny.)

    Code.org:  For this you will have to use internet each time, but once your device has been on it it is easy to find.  Click on login on top corner. Next screen has a box that says Section Code type: xwltgd  it will take you to the student names.  Our class all has the pirate for their password.  If you don't login they will just be starting over everytime they work.  If they login they will progress through the programs as they pass each skill.  This program is best on a computer, but it will still work on a tablet.  If they get stuck...KEEP LOOKING FOR THE YELLOW BUTTON!  That is what you need to click on to get to the next thing.

    I did all of these on my ipad at home as I typed this up, so I hope it works for you!