• 3rd Grade with Miss Hollingsworth


    Welcome to the 2021-2022 3rd Grade school year! I am excited to begin this school year with you and your children. 

    This year, your children and I will be exploring math concepts, improving problem-solving skills, and reaching higher-level thinking.  My goal is to facilitate a safe learning environment, and encourage my students to think beyond basic calculation procedures.


    This website is intended to be a resource for students and parents whilst at home. You'll find websites that I encourage you to explore. Students and parents can use them to help with homework and extend learning. You will also find important dates on this site. 


     I am very excited for this new year, and working closely with you and your children!

    Please email me with any questions or concerns at:

    Daily Class Schedule 2020-2021
     8:15-8:30   S.E.L. (Social-Emotional Learning)     
    8:30-10:00    90 Minute Reading Block
    10:00-10:45   Specials
    10:45-11:10  Reading MTSS
    11:10-11:50  Recess/Lunch
    11:50-12:30  Writing
    12:30-1:00    Social Studies
    1:00-1:50      Math
    1:50-2:10      Math MTSS
    2:10-2:20     Recess
    2:20-3:00     Science
    Specials Schedule
    Day 1:P.E.
    Day 2: P.E.
    Day 3: P.E.
    Day 4: Spanish
    Day 5: Art
    Day 6: Music




    Meet The Teacher!

    Below is my Meet The Teacher slideshow. Please make sure take a look and explore the links.

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