Welcome to one of your most favorite classes ever!  Whether walking through the doorway of room #208 for Science or an exploratory class, you will become a member in a community of learners that will embrace a crazy concept.  We're going to learn stuff and have some fun while we're doing it.
          You will find a number of invaluable resources and tools on our class website to help this year be a successful one.  I will post important announcements, assignments, helpful links and other items here in an effort to make 'staying in the know' as easy as possible.
    Class Schedule
    9:56 - 10:54 
    Class Name
    11:30 - 12:27 
     4 12:30 - 1:28  Science
    5 1:31 - 2:28 Science
     6 2:31 - 3:30   Science