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  • Welcome to Choir at Sunset Ridge!

    My Name is Mr. White and I am beyond thrilled to be the new Music Teacher and Choir Director at Sunset Ridge. This is the official website for all things Sunset Ridge Choir! Students, parents and fans of our great choir program can use this site to learn more about our choirs, get important information, see announcements, practice music and more! 


    Meet Our Choirs! 

    Our choir program has three great choirs based on age and ability. 

    • Da Capo Choir is offered to 3rd-6th grade singers. 
    • Sunset Ridge Concert Choir is offered to 7th and 8th grade singers. 
    • Sunset Ridge SoundWaves is an advanced audition choir offered to 5th-8th graders **Starting in Spring 2024! 

    Be sure to check out the "choir info" tab to learn more about each of the three choirs available! 



    September 10th, 2023: Special Singing Opportunities Await Your Young Singer!

    The Sunset Ridge Choir and the other school choirs from the Deer Valley Unified School District are singing the National Anthem at DVUSD Choir Night at Chase Field as the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Houston Astros, Friday September 29th. This is an incredible opportunity for our singers to sing for THOUSANDS in attendance on the dirt of a major league stadium! Concert Choir has already begun to rehearse the National Anthem and our 3rd-6th grade Da Capo choir will begin to practice this week! This is not a required experience, but as you can imagine a pretty amazing event for all of our singers to take part in! EVERYONE - all students, families, friends (even Mr. White) needs a ticket to participate. Proceeds from the tickets go back into our choir program! If interested, families can purchase their tickets HERE! 

    Both the Sunset Ridge Band and Choir programs are considering and determining student and family interest in the possibility of our middle school (7th and 8th graders) embarking on a trip to Disneyland in the Spring where they will get to record their music as well as have fun in the park! All CONCERT Choir families are asked to take a brief survey to determine their interest. Families can take that survey HERE! 

    Want all of the details? Click HERE to access the latest version of our weekly newsletter! 


    August 30th, 2023: Morning Da Capo Choir for our 3rd-6th graders begins this week! 

    t’s time for our 3rd-6th grade singers to start singing! Please remember that 3rd/4th graders meet on Wednesday mornings and that 5th/6th graders meet on Thursday mornings. Both choirs rehearse from 7:30am to the beginning of the school day.

    Drop Off Instructions: Please use the drop off/pick up right lane and drop your singer(s) off at the open gate just in front of Mr. White’s music room. Choir rehearsal starts promptly at 7:30am. For late singers - the gate will only remain open until 7:40. I hope your singers are ready to work - and play of course! :-)