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    Why we teach

     To allow every student to explore and learn about the culture and people from our past and the way it impacts the world and people around us in the present as we move toward the future.

    What does Social Studies encompass in DVUSD? 



    Statement on ARS 15–701.02 regarding instruction on the Holocaust and other genocides

    The Deer Valley Unified School District uses our adopted social studies McGraw Hill curriculum and additional curated materials suggested by the ADE, which come from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, to teach the Arizona state storylines and standards with time suggestions for History and Social Sciences. 

    Beginning in 2021, DVUSD implemented ARS section 15–701.02 regarding instruction on the Holocaust and other genocides, making sure in addition to where it already appeared in our curriculum guides, the content is taught specifically at 7th grade (50 minutes daily), 8th grade (50 minutes daily), and High School within the World History and US History courses, where it naturally falls in the ADE storyline and standards. 

K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Specialist

    Colleen McNamara M.Ed,

    K-12 Social Studies

    Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment Specialist 

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