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  • Welcome to Physical Education




     7th and 8th grade Physical Education class.

    Make sure you complete your assigned work, ask questions, bring your smiles, Top 20 Skills, and do your very best every single day!

    Team Sports, Individual Sports, and Cooperative Activities.

    Make sure you know what day of the week is a Block "A" and Block "B".

    Phone#- 602-467-6531
    email- bill.reilly@dvusd.org 
    Meetings can be scheduled.
    Please email me.
    Class Schedule
    Period Times    Block A/B Class Name
    2nd  8:15- 10:10 B P.E.
    3rd  10:55- 1:10 A P.E. and Flash.
    4th  10:55 - 1:10 P.E. and Flash.
    5th  1:15 - 3:00 P.E.
    6th  1:15 - 3:00