•                                        Welcome To Kinder


    I am excited about taking your child on a journey through reading, writing, spelling, math,science, and social studies.  Children enter Kindergarten at various stages of academic and social ability.  My goal is that as a team (parents, child and teacher), we prepare each child for future success by providing the academic, social and organizational skills he/she will need to be successful in first grade and beyond!  This is such a fun time and a year when we will see so much growth in reading, writing and math!  Students will learn and practice listening and speaking skills, and will share their ideas and writing with their peers and other students throughout our school.  Students will start the year recognizing numbers and counting, and by May they will be adding and subtracting.  In language arts and math, each child will have the opportunity to work independently, and collaborate with others in whole groups and small groups.


    We know we will have a great year!


    Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Moller

    Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Moller (1st grade)