Welcome Hillcrest Falcon! 

    Regular Full Day Bell Schedule:
    Moment of Silence/Pledge/HMSTV 8:15-8:20am
    1st Period 8:20am-9:12am
    2nd Period 9:16am-10:08am
    3rd Period 10:12-11:04am
    4th Period 11:08am-1:08pm
    1st Lunch 11:08am-11:38am
    2nd Lunch 11:38am-12:08pm
    3rd Lunch 12:08pm-12:38pm
    4th Lunch 12:38-1:08pm
    5th Period 1:12pm-2:04pm
    6th Period 2:08pm-3:00pm

    Room Phone Number: (623) 376-3372
    School Email: Becca.Barnes@dvusd.org 
    Teacher Name: Rebecca Barnes            
    Grade/Subject: 7th Grade Language Arts    Core 7-1 
    Room Number:  601
    **If you are searching for a book for your Book Blook that began Monday, September 16, use the following links to help you find a great book!
    Teen and Young Adult Fiction