• Dear Bobcat Families,

    It’s hard to believe we have already completed more than a third of the school year!  With the new calendar year right around the corner, we still have many goals to reach in our classrooms for your children during the 2018 -2019-school year.

    I would like to emphasize the importance of your child being in school and on time each and every day. We do realize that children become ill and at times something will come up that prevents arriving on time.  We also encourage you to make appointments outside of school hours whenever possible.  When checking out students during the day, they may miss quality instructional time. We greatly appreciate your support and efforts in seeing that our students arrive on time and put in a full days work in our classrooms.

    If you have not already been informed about the incredible benefits of the Donor’s Choose program for our teachers and students, I encourage you to check it out.  There is information on our school website which will direct you and explain how you may help fund current projects.  We sincerely appreciate all those who have already made generous contributions to help fund these “extras” for the classrooms. 

    We are also helping a school in our district that has lost their sponsorship for providing board games to their less fortunate students.  Our Sonoran Foothills School and community would like to participate in this worthwhile effort.  The goal is to have 300 new board games collected for the holidays.  They can be dropped off at the office if you are interested n participating.

    With the rising popularity of  “vaping” among some young adults, we have taken proactive steps in warning our middle school students about the many harmful effects that this new “trend” can cause.  We have also brought in representatives from the attorney general’s office and the Phoenix Police Department to address the negative effects of cyberbullying, Internet safety and social media dangers.  Please be vigilant about what your children are doing online.  Any help you can give us at home to reinforce the impact of these concerns is greatly appreciated.

    I want to thank you for the overwhelming support you continue to show for our school. From packing the gym for our Stars, Stripes and Sundaes program to being here for your students during the Veteran’s Day TRACKS meet, PIE Night, Thanksgiving Feast, Parent-Teacher conferences, and PTSA meetings; it is heart-warming to see how much you care about all of the facets of your sons and daughter’s education.  We are so pleased to have you as partners in our Bobcat family!

    On behalf of the entire Sonoran Foothills staff, I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, family-centered winter break.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2019!



    Mr. Chartier, Principal