• ¿Y la vida?  ¿Será sueño?


    Thanks for your patience and I hope all is well with your families.  As per district guidelines, no new grades will be posted nor will new material be presented for the next two weeks.  Students that did the assignments posted during last week I will add points to assignments already in the gradebook so you can receive credit for that work but people that didn’t see them won’t be docked, thank you!  In similar fashion, I am opening all Canvas assignments from this semester so you can complete them for credit as needed.  Peace and love.  More to come. 

    Welcome, I'm Jacob Gabow and I'll use this webpage to make the syllabus, assignments and calendars available to my students and parents.  Please feel free to contact me by phone at 623-376-3000 and by email here
    Please think about giving a tax credit to the World Language department in the book store to help us better our teaching.  Feel free to donate tissue, hand sanitizer, art supplies, any type of Spanish language resource or print material.  Anything is always greatly appreciated!  
    My Schedule, all classes in C120            
    1st hour: prep
    2nd: Spanish 3-4 (H)
    3rd: Spanish 3-4  (H)
    4th: Spanish 3-4
    5th: Lunch
    6th: Spanish 3-4
    Spanish 5-6
     Office Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday from 7:00am-7:20am
    Link to Powerschools: https://ps.dvusd.org/menu/
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