Mr. Matthew Verlei
    rm. 302
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    Personal Narrative Essay Assignment

    Dear Parents and Students,

    While my website will occasionally be a source for information, handouts, or assignments, the majority of these materials will be found on Canvas, our course delivery system. 


    Also, every week (usually Sundays but occasionally Mondays), students and parents will receive an email from me which will detail what we've been doing, what we're going to be doing, assignment descriptions, upcoming due dates, issues/concerns, and annoucements pertinent to both our class and HLS as a whole. Students are required to read these emails, and I encourage parents to do so as well. 


    Above, you will find some links that will remain there all year. The Procedures & Expectations slide presentation is particularly useful for gleaning an understanding of how things will work in my classroom but is not applicable to every middle school teacher at HLS. 


    If you ever have any questions or concerns, my school email (matthew.verlei@dvusd.org) is the best way to get in contact with me. I am looking forward to a terrific year. Thanks for reading.


    Matthew Verlei