• Academics


    Grades, Report Cards, and PowerSchool

    Report cards are issued four times a year, following each nine-week grading period. It is important to frequently monitor the academic progress of our children. With PowerSchool, parents and guardians are able to access grades from a home computer. Parents may pick up a PowerSchool password at the front office. Parents must present identification in order to receive a password allowing access to PowerSchool. Report cards for the first quarter will be distributed during the Parent-Teacher Conferences.

    PowerSchool may be accessed via the following URL: https://ps.dvusd.org/public.


    Honor Roll and Principal’s List

    Students in grades 3-8 will be eligible for Honor Roll or Principal’s List honors each quarter depending on the grades they earn in school.

    In order to be eligible for academic recognition, students must have full-time status and their grades must meet the following criteria:

    Principal’s List                                     Honor Roll

    All A’s                                                     A’s and B’s

    No Incompletes                                   No Incompletes

    No N’s or U’s in Special Areas            No N’s or U’s in Special Areas


    Communication Folders & Agendas

    Students in grades K-2 will be provided with a communication folder, and students in grades 3-8 will be provided with a student agenda. Students will bring their folder or agenda home nightly, and these must be returned to school daily. This will support your child’s organizational skills and act as our communication with you on a daily basis. A $5.00 replacement fee will be charged to replace a lost agenda and a $3.00 replacement fee will be charged to replace a communication folder.

    Homework Philosophy

    Homework is mastery practice (reinforcing learned concepts) and an effective tool in developing responsibility and study habits. We believe homework should be preceded by instruction that prepares a child to successfully complete the task independently.

    Please help us promote independence and preserve the integrity of student mastery practice. Parents can help students by reviewing homework, asking students about the “what” and “why” of the task, and encouraging them. Please do not complete your child’s homework for them; it is through the student’s effort that ensures learning will take place. 

    If you have any concerns with your child’s homework, please contact the teacher.