• Hello and welcome to 8th Grade Science!

    I am excited to start my 9th year at Terramar; and, I cannot wait for students to begin grappling with scientific concepts that will allow them to better understand the world around them. Despite having started as a high school English teacher, I have always been a geek for science...and it is my daily goal to share that enthusiasm with my students. We live in a modern technological society; as such, I think it is incumbent upon members of society to cultivate a solid understanding of the science that directly impacts nearly every aspect of daily life...I do not want my students stuck in the role of mere observer when conversations regarding science take place. 

    In class this year, we will consider specific aspects of biology, chemistry, geology and physics. Those pieces of content will be viewed through the overarching thematic lenses of cause and effect, energy and matter, and stability and change. Using principles of energy we will work to understand chemical reactions and explore how natural changes within and upon the Earth have daily consequences for living things. We will learn how genetic information is passed down and contemplate how environmental pressure drives variation among organisms. We will look at the effect that forces have on the motion of objects. And, we will consider the foundational role that matter plays in the cosmos and how it plays it.

    Additionally, students will focus on collecting and making sense of observational data by using the following science and engineering practices: ask questions and define problems, develop and use models, plan and carry out investigations, analyze and interpret data, use mathematics and computational thinking, construct explanations and design solutions, engage in argument from evidence, and obtain, evaluate, and communicate information.

    Let's get started, already...!

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  • Email: erik.klein@dvusd.org