Register for Legend Springs  

    Please visit our school office for a registration packet to enroll your child or you can download one here-
    Deer Valley Unified School District has free full day kindergarten.

    To register your child for any grade we will need the following:

    1. Certified copy of your child's birth certificate
    2. Immunization record
    3. Proof of residency (utility bill, rent receipt, lease agreement, etc).
    4. Photo ID of parent/guardian
    5. Legal documents or custody papers, if applicable
    6. Official withdrawal form from the previously attended school (grades 1-6).


    If you are a single parent or guardian, a copy of legal and/or custody papers must be provided to the school office. Unless the court order is on file with us, we will provide equal rights to both parents. In the event that you leave your child in the temporary custody of a relative or friend due to out of town business or vacation, the school must have a notarized note.


    DVUSD policy provides that students eligible for busing are those whose place of residence is:
    Kindergarten:  Outside one-half mile
    Grades 1-6:  Outside one mile.
    To find out if your child is eligible for bus service, click here.

    Open Enrollment/Variance

    School boundaries, even for new schools, are set well in advance of each new school year. Attendance area maps are found here.  The district offers parents the opportunity to express their preference for any district school.  Students can request open enrollment to any school in the district provided there is space available. Parents registering their children at a school other than their home school will be responsible for transportation. Principals at each school will accept open enrollment requests based on capacity as determined by current enrollment and an anticipated growth margin.  OPEN ENROLLMENT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

    Withdrawing a Student from School

    Parents are requested to notify the school office in writing or by telephone at least two days prior to the last day the student is in attendance. An official withdrawal form must be signed by the custodial parent/guardian when a student is withdrawn from school. Students are responsible for returning all school materials, textbooks, library books, etc., upon withdrawal from school. A charge will be assessed for lost or damaged books.  If you have questions, please call Joanne at 623-376-4506.