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  • Ms. Lundskow's ELA Class

    Hello Students and Parents!

    In this English Language Arts course, we will be focusing on and exposed to a wide variety of text types, including novels, articles, short stories, poems, etc. Students will be using different text sources, writing assignments and various projects to gain analytical and critical thinking skills which they will be able to utilize both within and outside of their academic community. They will learn collaboration skills by working in groups and pairs, as well as independently to complete course work.


    Creative Publications is going to be an exploratory class where students get the opportunity to learn about different ways to publish works outside of the typical, academic publications. In this class, students will be working collaboratively to design and create publications for our school using technology.  

     -Ms. Lundskow 
    Class Schedule



    Class Name


    8:15 -9:19

    Adv. 7th Grade ELA


    9:23 - 10:20

    7th Grade ELA


    10:24 - 11:21



    11:25 - 12:57

    7th Grade ELA/Lunch


    1:01 - 1:58

    7th Grade ELA


    2:02 - 3:00

    7/8 Creative Publications




  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to prepare all students to be active, productive and successful problem solvers in our ever changing world.