• Dear Skyhawk Families:

    Welcome to Deer Valley High School!  The administration, teachers and staff are looking forward to another exciting school year.  Our goals this year will include continued student achievement academically, in the arts and in athletics. Deer Valley has a long standing tradition of excellence. We will work diligently to ensure your student has the best high school experience and welcome your continued support in your student’s success.  While your student is now in high school, your guidance and encouragement is even more important.  Guide your student to become involved in activities at school, from leadership roles to attending pep rallies. It is also the most common remark that our seniors make on their exit survey completed in May each year; “I wish I had been more involved in clubs/sports.  It would have made school more interesting.” 

    We have seen the increased reliance on our school website (http://dvhs.dvusd.org) to improve communication within our community. Instead of printing and mailing home a newsletter, we post information on the website. We will also post our Parent and Student Handbook along with a calendar of events and other pertinent links. The District is joining us in reducing printing and paper usage by posting The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook online. We hope that you find this an easy way to access information by bookmarking our website in your Internet favorites.  We will also have printed copies of The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook in the front office upon request, if you would prefer to have one of those for easy reference. 

    PowerSchool continues to be our online grading and attendance program in which parents and students are able to access students’ grades and attendance at any time from any computer using the Internet.  The Parent Single Sign-On feature enhances parent access by providing the ability to access all of their students' grades and attendance with a single account.  Each parent/guardian will have the ability to create his/her own individual account.  Parents can maintain their account preferences and recover login information if they forget their user name or password.  We hope that you partner with us and use PowerSchool for attendance and grade checks on a regular basis. Parents also have an immediate email link to their students’ teachers through PowerSchool. You may also have the system send you the daily announcements, attendance and grades on a periodic basis.  Please contact your student’s counselor for more information.

    We require all students and staff to wear their school photo- identification badges.  Having our students and staff wear an I.D. assists our security, maintenance, and administration in keeping the campus safer and more secure.  When students have their new school photos taken, we will provide all students with a new I.D. badge along with a clip at no cost. Identification badges must be worn and be visible while students are on campus. We are asking for your support in this endeavor by reminding your student to put his or her I.D. on before leaving for school. Campus safety and security is a priority. Thank you for sharing your student with us! Have a wonderful 2016-2017 school year. To the Class of 2017, make this your best year yet!


    Kim Crooks


    Deer Valley High School