Welcome To First Grade





    We are delighted to welcome your child to First Grade. Our goal is to create classroom environments where each student has the opportunity to experience success and to be encouraged to work to his/her fullest potential. Your child will be actively involved in the learning process by using developmentally appropriate materials that are designed especially for them.  We would like to take this opportunity to share some important information with you to help us get off to a great start. By working together, we can make this a memorable and rewarding year for your child.


    Parent/Teacher Relationship – We believe that a strong parent/teacher relationship is important and can foster a child’s academic success. We will communicate with you mostly through email.  Please make sure to check your child's daily folder each night.  We will also occasionally send notes or extra work if necessary.   If you would like to meet with us at any time throughout the school year, we ask you to contact us to set up an appointment. We feel that your questions and concerns are important, so we would like to set a time to discuss any matters with you.


    Arrival-   The official school day begins at 8:45am. Students should be in their seats and ready to learn at this time.  Students cannot be on campus until 8:30am, unless they are eating breakfast in the cafeteria.  Students will need to report directly to their classroom.


    Dismissal - If your child's going home schedule often changes, please make sure to discuss with your child each day how they will go home.  An idea that has worked with families in the past, is to place a color card in their daily folder that would give the child a reminder on how to go home.  For example - car pick-up could be a green paper, and after care could be yellow. If your first grader is meeting older siblings, they can meet at one of the designated dismissal spots.*****We do realize that emergencies do come up during the day.  If this happens, please email the teacher or call the office.


    Lunch You may pre-pay for your child’s lunch account by either paying online at http://www.ezschoolpay.com/ or sending in a check with your child’s school identification number on it. Please have your child memorize his/her student identification number. This number will be used for buying lunch, computer sign in, and checking out library books.


    Birthdays -We will celebrate birthdays by announcing them on the morning announcements, sing to them and making their day special in our classroom.  Ordering birthday treats through the cafeteria is a great option for celebrating your child's birthday. You can find the ordering form on the main West Wing Website. Due to severe food allergies, outside birthday treats are not allowed.  Please plan ahead, treats should be ordered about 2 weeks in advance.


    Volunteers- In order to volunteer in classrooms, field trips or special events, such as class parties, you must take the district volunteer class. This is a district policy. If you have already taken this class and have the proper paperwork filed in the office, you will not have to take it again. When volunteering, please remember no siblings are allowed.  


    Attendance -It is important that your child attends school every day and is on time. Children who arrive late/tardy will need to go to the office and receive a late pass.  Please see the school handbook for the tardy policy. If your child is going to be absent, please call the attendance line at 623 376-5090 to report their absence.


    Specials- Your child will be attending specials everyday. It is required that your child wears tennis shoes on PE days to be able to participate. 


    1st Grade Character Expectations

    Our goal is to provide a classroom community where all children feel comfortable expressing themselves positively and responsibly. All students are expected to display behaviors that reflect good character. To achieve this goal in our classrooms, we will be using a behavior system based on clearly established choices and consequences. In our class, we will utilize a check mark system.   The goal is to not get any check marks throughout the day.  

                                                One check mark - warning

                                                Two check marks - orange reflection sheet will be sent home- sign and return

                                                Three check marks - red reflection sheet will be sent home - sign and return

                                                 Four check marks - office referral


     Positive rewards will be given for demonstrating good character and for working to the best of their potential in school.  Students earn a piece of candy every 5 days that they make good choices and do not receive a check mark.  After the behavior card is filled (about 25), students will receive a piece of candy and a trip to the treasure box.  Positive tickets will also be handed out throughout the day.  These may be given out by any adult on campus as well.  For example, the librarian, lunch monitors, other teachers can hand these out to students who are making great choices and working hard as a student on our campus!

    Praise your child for good behavior! If your child receives any warnings or reflection sheets, please review some strategies to assist them to improve their behavior.  We thank you in advance for your support in this endeavor to help your child be the best student that he/she can be! 

               The 4 B's
                      1.  Be Respectful
                      2. Be Responsible
                      3. Be Safe 
                      4. Be Kind