• World Languages 

    The World Languages Department at Mountain Ridge is proud to offer the following courses:

  • Pyramid
    Spanish 1-2                   
    Spanish 3-4
    Spanish 3-4 H
    Spanish 5-6 H 101/102 Dual Enrollment
    Spanish AP 201/202 Dual Enrollment
  • eiffel  
    French 1-2
    French 3-4
    French 5-6 H/101-102 Dual Enrollment
    French 7-8 H/101-102 Dual Enrollment

  • Arizona in-state universities require two consecutive years of high school level foreign-language study for admission. Many out-of-state and Ivy League colleges and universities require three or more years of study. We encourage all students to consider taking four years of language in order to develop the highest level possible of fluency in the target languages.
    Both Spanish 5-6 Honors and French 5-6 Honors are dual enrollment courses. Students in 5-6 level courses are eligible to earn eight college credits by taking either Spanish 101/102 or French 101/102 through Rio Salado College.