•  Welcome to Sunset Ridge!!!  

    Mission Statement

    At Sunset Ridge, we support students emotionally and academically, preparing them to be lifelong, well-rounded, critical thinkers  


    School Information  

    Principal Mrs. Cassie Hauck
    Asst Principal  
    35707 N. 33rd Ln, Phoenix, Arizona 85086                                     
    Main Phone (623) 445-7800
    Attendance (623) 445-7890
    Fax (623) 445-7880
    Nurse (623) 445-7811
    Office Hours 7:45 - 4:15
    Bell Schedule 8:45 - 3:30
    Early Release Fridays 8:45 - 2:00
    Mascot  The Hawks
    School Colors Purple and Green
     Safe and Healthy Eating

    Please encourage your student/child/ or children to be seated upright when eating and not to be distracted.  Encourage them to eat slowly, take small bites, and fully chew and swallow their food before talking or laughing.  If you pack a lunch and send it with your child, please avoid food items that could be difficult to chew or which could possibly cause choking.  Encourage them not to eat while walking, running, or engaging in other activities.  Encourage them to avoid children’s games that involve catching a food item in the mouth or putting large amounts of food into the mouth.  Eating in the cafeteria should be fun and social, but eating in the cafeteria is a privilege.  For those who misbehave or fail to follow these directions, cafeteria privileges may be revoked.


    Forgotten Items at Home


    In an effort to reduce interruptions to instructional time, as well as promote responsibility and accountability with our students, Sunset Ridge will only allow eye glasses, water bottles, medically required items and lunches to be dropped off for students. Forgotten homework assignments, backpacks, PE uniforms, sports equipment, projects and musical instruments will not be accepted or held in the office for students.



    Please make after school pick-up plans with your child before the school day starts. Changes to after-school pick-up plans will be given to students for emergencies only.

    Sunset Ridge will not sign out any student after 3:10 pm. Please plan accordingly.


    2023-2024 Parent Handbook

    2023-2024 Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

    2022-2023 Students Rights {spanish}

    ATTENTION PARENTS - Your children MAY NOT BE ON CAMPUS BEFORE 8:30 A.M. unless they are being dropped off for an activity that is supervised by a staff member or if they are having breakfast in the cafeteria. If they are having breakfast in the cafeteria, they may not be on campus before 8:20 a.m. We have representatives from Safe Schools monitoring our campus before school, HOWEVER, they are not able to supervise your children. WE DO NOT HAVE SUPERVISION AVAILABLE UNTIL 8:30 A.M. If you need to drop your children off for any reason other than what has been addressed above, please visit our office to pick up a Before/After School Program flyer . This program is offered at our school for working parents and people needing additional care for their children in the mornings and/or afternoons. Thank you.
    - ATTENTION PARENTS - Please do not drop your children off in the staff parking lot to the north of our school. This lot is used as a staff parking lot, as a walk up for our Pre-K students and for our buses ONLY. Thank you. 
    Bullying Policy
    Sunset Ridge is committed to a safe environment for all students. If anytime a student feels like they are being bullied they need to report the incident immediately to their teacher or to somebody in the front office and the matter will be investigated. To see a copy of the Deer Valley Unified School District's policy on bullying, which also contains a form to report a bullying incident, please click here.
    Our campus is fully dedicated to the "Character Counts" and the "Character Always" programs to help form the anti-bullying culture at Sunset Ridge to hopefully prevent any potential bullying before it even starts.
    No Latex/Mylar Balloons on Campus
    Please note that latex and Mylar balloons are never allowed on campus due to several students have severe allergies to these materials.
    Parking and Student Drop Off/Pick Up
    Students can only be dropped off in the designated areas in the front of the school and cannot walk in the parking lots unattended.
    Visitor Tags
    For the safety of our students, ALL visitors must sign in at the office and wear a visitor tag while at school. This is simply a way for our staff to quickly see and assess that all visitors have checked in at the office.