• Did You Know?  
    Arrowhead is a Title 1 School-wide Program!

    Schools qualify for Title I Services based on the percentage of enrolled students in economic need. In DVUSD, this is determined by the number of students in the free and reduced-price lunch program. All schools with a free and reduced-price lunch of 35% or more are serviced through federal Title I funding. Once Title I is part of a school, any student enrolled who needs extra academic help is eligible for assistance, regardless of family income.

    There are two main models for serving students in a Title I school: Targeted Assistance Program and school wide Program. Arrowhead is a Targeted Assistance Program which funds a comprehensive plan to upgrade instruction in high poverty schools providing service to children who are not yet meeting grade level proficiency rates.

    School-wide programs have the following key components:

    School-Wide Assistance Reform Strategies: Addressing all the needs of children in our school who do not yet meet grade level proficiency levels.

    Instruction by Highly Qualified Teachers: Ensuring instruction and provide on-going professional development

    Parental Involvement: Creating ways to involve parents in planning, review, and improvement of our school

    Additional Support: Providing effective, timely assistance based on research interventions to students experiencing difficulty.

    Transition Plans: Assisting students moving     from home to Kindergarten and students in 6thgrade to middle school.



    Our Campus Improvement Plan (CIP), along with the Title I School-wide Assistance Plan, drives all of our programs, strategies, monetary expenditures, and parent/community involvement efforts. Please contact the school if you have questions about our Title I program.