Hello Communication Students-

    Welcome to Communication with Mrs. Garraway! I am so excited you are taking this class, as I know you will gain numerous skills that will be applicable to all aspects of your life! The 2023-2024 school year will mark my 22nd year teaching. I currently teach AP Literature, ELA (12th grade), COM 100 dual enrollment, Creative Writing, Journalism, and am the Newspaper adviser at Sandra Day O’Connor High School. In addition, I am the Ed Tech Department Chair at OC and Adjunct Faculty for Rio Salado College teaching Intro to Human Communication 100 and 110. To get a feel for myself and the class, watch the welcome video above: https://youtu.be/wpj44l0Vuuk.                              

    I am sure you are eager to get started! Once the official start date arrives, you will be able to gain access to the course no later than 7 AM. To do this, you will need to log into your Canvas account. Keep in mind, the course will not be published until the official start date, so you will not have access to the entire course until then. If you have any questions before the course begins, please email me at this address (cynthia.garraway@dvusd.org); however, once the course begins, the preferred method of communicating will be through the Canvas message center.

    I’m sure you are wondering how you can do well in my course. It’s simple…you just need to make sure you read everything on each page and be an active participant in the class!! I have included in each module some course information pages before each assignment is given. If you skip over these pages, you will not be able to apply what you learned to the assignment, and each assignment is tailored to the content given before in those pages. In addition, make sure to watch all of the videos I have included. They are fun, informative, insightful, and just awesome!! You won’t want to skip them, and many are only a few minutes long (although there are some longer ones). My other advice is to make sure you don’t fall behind and also plan ahead. At the beginning of each week, look at all of the assignments due and plan accordingly.

    You will need access to a microphone and video recorder. 

    I am so excited for you to get started!! I promise you will have fun, learn a lot, and be poised to communicate well with all types of people after taking this class! Just a reminder, make sure to complete the Canvas Orientation Course before class starts. Here is a link to the Orientation course: https://dvusd.instructure.com/enroll/D7D7LR

    Make sure to take a screenshot of your score, as you will need to submit that to me in the assignment. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at my email address, or once class starts through the Canvas message center. I am here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask questions!






Last Modified on January 9, 2024