Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

    Team Taught Co-Teacher- Mrs. Amiel (Period 1 and 6)


    Email: amanda.pelton@dvusd.org                                                                          

    Phone: 623.376.3342

    Room: 413

    Team: 7-3 Peregrine Falcons

    Color: Blue

    bean bag chair chill


    Join Hillcrest Spelling Bee!  See information page titled Spelling Bee 2020-2021

    2018 Tajikistan Spelling Bee | U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan

          Return to School Supply List~                         Supplies

    1. Fully charged Chromebook
    2. Backpack
    3. A mask
    4. 1 spiral notebook (single subject with plastic type cover will hold up the best)
    5. Pencils with erasers
    6. Pens (at least one of each of blue, black, red, and color of your choosing)
    7. Set of 4 Highlighters (green, yellow, orange and color of your choosing)
    8. Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) novel at the student’s Lexile Level


    *** Optional items to consider: An extra mask, a water bottle, hand sanitizer


    Hillcrest Online Block Schedule 2020                  Block A/B Scheduled PLC Dates                  HMS Home Learner Expectations




    NOTE: Our school year will begin online using the Canvas learning platform. Parents and Guardians, if you would like to join our Canvas page as an observer, please follow the directions here: CANVAS INSTRUCTIONS TO SIGN UP AS A PARENT OBSERVER