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    Mrs. Lisa Mansfield  lisa.mansfield@dvusd.org

    For the new quarter, each grade level is focusing on music connected with various holidays as well as assessing students' musical abilities through formal and informal checks.  

    Middle School choir had 2 excellent performances in October.  They earned an EXCELLENT (2nd to top) rating for their DVUSD fall assessment.  They also had a great performance at their fall concert.  

    Grades 1-2

    Music students have been working on rhythm reading through iconic notation (picture reading) and have now moved into using rhythm syllables for actual quarter note and paired eighth notes.  They are demonstrating steady beat and beat versus rhythm understanding.  In October, students sang and played game for Old Mrs. Witch.  In honor of Veterans' Day, we have been marching to steady beat of You're a Grand Old Flag and showing AB form for Yankee Doodle.  With the Thanksgiving holiday coming, we are now focused on Thanksgiving songs like, Over the River and Through the Wood and I'm Thankful For.  We are showing steady beat and working as an ensemble with singing game, Pass the Pumpkin.  First grade is learning how to prepare for a performance and what is expected for performers and audience members.

    Grade 3

    Music students took a little break from violin to prepare a song on barred instruments and handheld percussion called, Halloween Night.  Students demonstrated steady beat and syncopation as well as a developing understanding of dynamics (forte, piano).  They listened and moved to In the Hall of the Mountain King that uses accelerando (gradually faster) and crescendo (gradually louder).

    Grades 4, 5 & 6

    Music students learned some holiday songs and games connected in recent weeks.  They played a game using triplet rhythms to Addams' Family theme song and sang in compound meter called Halloween as well as learning American patriotic music in honor of Veterans' Day.  A focus was history of The Star Spangled Banner.  They also sang America, America, the Beautiful, You're a Grand Old Flag and Fifty Nifty United States.  Students demonstrated following a melodic line in rhythm by playing America using boomwhackers (pitched, plastic music tubes).  Students showed an understanding of counting 4 sixteenth notes &/or triplet rhythms for a rhythm reading assessment.  

    Choir-Grades 7-8


    Coyote Choir Club (youth choir)