• Hello families!

    First let me say that Ms. Betty, Ms. Cesi, and I miss seeing you and your child terribly.  This has been a hard transition for everyone and I appreciate your patience while I am learning this new way of teaching.  Our preschool team has been working on ways to stay connected with our youngest learners.  Today we had a virtual meeting with staff and administration to decide how to move forward with the remainder of the school year being on line.

    The district has supplied parents/families with activities for your child on the district website.  Starting April 6th, you can check my website on the Villiage Meadows page and click on lesson plans.  There will be plans/activities for the week for your child.  Some may be an online activity and some may be hands on.  These are merely suggestions and not mandated in any way.

    We will also be holding a virtual classroom Monday-Thursday, one class will be from 9-9:30 AM and one from 1-1:30 PM.  You don't need to tune in twice a day, this was just so parents can choose what time works best for them and their child.  The virtual classroom will be conducted on the Zoom app and I will be adding your emails to this so you can join in.

    We will also be conducting IEP meetings via Zoom.  I will contact you individually if we need to schedule/reschedule your child's IEP meeting.

    As I get more information I will be sharing it with you.  If you need to contact me, please email me at patricia.riffle@dvusd.org.

    Hoping you are all feeling well, staying healthy, and staying home. :)

    Miss you all very much!

    Ms. Trish


    Dr. Amber Rutt-Shepard, speech-language pathologist will have office hours from 8:30-9:00 AM and 12:30-1:00 PM M-Th.  Please email her at amber.rutt-shepard@dvusd.org if you would like to schedule a meeting.  She will send you a meeting link with an available date and time.



    Ms Lorri, our physical therapist will have office hours Monday through Thursday from 9:30-10 AM on Zoom.  Please join her if you have any questions pertaining to gross motor activities or physical therapy needs for your student.  Please email her at lorri.hansen@dvusd.org for the meeting ID and password.  She will be participating in our morning class every other Wednesday.




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