• Welcome to Social Studies!!!
    Lesson plans will updated at the beginning of each week. Please keep in mind that sometimes lessons may take both longer or shorter than scheduled. While we will try to follow the weekly schedule, it just may not be possible. Assignment details and materials will be located in Canvas.
    Week of 4/4
    • Monday: ATEQ Intro Video. Crusades Part 1. Speech from Pope Urban II.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto Slideshow. Crusades Part 2.
    • Wednesday: Quiz over Feudalism and Manorialism. Media Center. Design your own Medieval Crest.
    • Thursday: AASA Writing Assessment. Design you Medieval Family Crest.
    • Friday: Finish designing your Medieval Family Crest.
    Week of 3/28
    • Monday: ATEQ Intro Video. Education in Medieval Europe. 
    • Tuesday:  ATEQ Motto Presentation. Economic System of Medieval Europe Part 1 Simulation.
    • Wednesday: Economic System of Medieval Europe Part 2 Simulation.
    • Thursday: ATEQ activity. Finish up Simulation.
    • Friday: Edit the Insights. Middle Ages Economy.
    Week of 3/21
    • Monday: Welcome Back. Review procedures and who are you going to be. ATEQ introduction video. Seating charts. End of Rome discussion, complete question in Canvas.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto slideshow. Zombie Apocalypse Scenario. Intro to the Middle Ages KW chart (pretest).
    • Wednesday: Media Center visit. Finish Intro activity if not complete. Analyze primary source. Feudalism Chart.
    • Thursday: ATEQ Activity. Finish Feudalism chart. Begin education in the Middle Ages.
    • Friday: ATEQ, edit the insights. Finish education in the Middle Ages.
    Week of 3/1
    • Monday: ATEQ Motto Video. Create Tombstones for Roman Emperors: the good, the bad, and the crazy.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto Slideshow. Continue with emperor Tombstones assignment.
    • Wednesday: Media Center. So you want to be emperor slideshow and discussion.
    • Thursday: ATEQ Activity. Simulation over the economic reasons for Rome's downfall.
    • Friday: The end of Rome, Zombie Apocalypse scenario.
    Week of 2/28
    • Monday: ATEQ Intro Video. Roman Science and Technology.
    • Tuesday: DVSS Assessment Day 1.
    • Wednesday: DVSS Assessment Day 2. Potential Media Center Day.
    • Thursday: Finish Roman Science and Technology ACE Response.
    • Friday: ATEQ Activity. Finish reading Caesar Augustus article and write response.
    Week of 2/21
    • Monday: No School President's Day
    • Tuesday: ATEQ intro video. Julius Caesar History Mystery (in class activity). Rise of Julius Caesar. Read article and complete chart.
    • Wednesday: ATEQ Motto Slide presentation and discussion. Finish Julius Caesar. From Republic to Empire Lesson.
    • Thursday: ATEQ Activity. Read and annotate History of Caesar Augustus. Write counterclaim.
    • Friday: Finish History of Caesar Augustus.
    Week of 2/14
    • Monday: Finish up the Punic Wars and Review for game for quiz.
    • Tuesday: Decline of the Republic. Reading from online text in ConnectED. Chapter 11, Lesson 3.
    • Wednesday: AASA Writing. Continue with the Decline of the Republic. Finish chapter 11, lesson 3.
    • Thursday: Finish the Decline of the Republic. Finish chapter 11, lesson 3. History Mystery and the Rise of Julius Caesar.
    • Friday: Finish up the Rise of Julius Caesar
    Week of 2/7
    • Monday: ATEQ Motto Video. US Democracy vs Roman Republic. Comparing Rome's government to ours.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto Slideshow. Causes of the Punic Wars. Explore the causes of the Rome's war with Carthage.
    • Wednesday: ATEQ Activity. The Punic Wars. Examining the first and second Punic Wars
    • Thursday: ATEQ Activity. The Battle of Lake Trasimene. Close read of this battle demonstrating Hannibal's brilliance.
    • Friday: Effects of the Punic Wars. Rome is now left as the sole power in the Mediterranean.
    Week of 1/31
    • Monday: ATEQ Video. Intro to Rome.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Slideshow. Begin Roman Geography
    • Wednesday: Media Center. Finish Roman Geography
    • Thursday: ATEQ Activity. Republic of Rome.
    • Friday: Democracy vs. Roman Republic
    Week of 1/24
    • Monday: ATEQ Motto Video. Alexander the Great. Article and video. Study for test over the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars on Thursday.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto presentation. Greek Culture lesson. Study for test.
    • Wednesday: ACE response over the Effects of the Peloponnesian War. Review game for test. Study for test.
    • Thursday: Test over Persian War. Greek mythology.
    • Friday: ATEQ Activity. The Geography of Rome.
    Week of 1/17
    • Monday: No School for MLK
    • Tuesday: ATEQ motto video. Finish up the Persian Wars. Submit guided notes.
    • Wednesday: Media Center. The Delian League. Article/Video and ACE response.
    • Thursday: ATEQ Motto Presentation. Peloponnesian Wars.
    • Friday: ATEQ activity. Finish the Peloponnesian Wars.
    Week of 1/10
    • Monday: ATEQ Video. Complete this is Sparta Quiz. Begin Hello from Ancient Greece. Study for quiz over Greek geography.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto presentation. Compare and Contrast (Athens and Sparta). Study for quiz.
    • Wednesday: Introduction to the Persians. The Persian Wars. Study for quiz.
    • Thursday: Quiz over Greek geography. Continue with the Persian Wars Part 1 & 2. ATEQ Activity.
    • Friday: Finish up the Persian Wars Part 2.
    Week of 1/3
    • Monday: No School for Students
    • Tuesday: Geography of ancient Greece. ATEQ intro video.
    • Wednesday: This is Sparta articles and quiz. Media Center.
    • Thursday: Hello from ancient Greece. (Postcard) ATEQ Motto Slideshow.
    • Friday: US vs Greek Democracy. ATEQ Activity.
    Week of 12/6
    • Monday: Complete Comparison between Hinduism and Buddhism. HW if not finished. Begin Geography of ancient China. HW: Study for Hinduism/Buddhism quiz. ATEQ Video
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto Slide show. Finish up Chinese geography lesson. Begin Confucianism. HW: Study for quiz
    • Wednesday: ATEQ Activity. Finish up Confucianism and Begin Daoism.
    • Thursday: Finish Daoism. Review Game. Begin Chinese religions according to Disney lesson. Study for quiz.
    • Friday: Buddhism/Hinduism quiz. Finish religions according to Disney.
    Week of 11/29
    • Monday: Origins of Hinduism
    • Tuesday: Hinduism, Modern Effects
    • Wednesday: Buddhism
    • Thursday & Friday: Compare/contrast Activity between Hinduism and Buddhism.
    Week of 11/15
    • Monday: Complete King Tut Suspect Map from Friday (this is HW if you do not get it done). Begin India, Egypt, Mesopotamia comparison. HW: Study for Egypt quiz over timeline. 
    • Tuesday: Complete comparison with India. ATEQ intro video. Review parts of a timeline. Work on India timeline. HW: Study for Egypt quiz.
    • Wednesday: Media Center. All things EQ motto presentation. Egypt timeline review game. India Timeline if time permits. HW: Study for quiz.
    • Thursday: Quiz over Timeline. Begin discussion of Hinduism. Finish India timeline.
    • Friday: Continue with India and Caste System. 
    Week of 11/8
    • Monday: ATEQ, catch up from Friday. Complete reading of articles and crosswords. HW if not finished.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ motto slideshow. King Tut murder mystery. Writing claims with evidence and elaboration.
    • Wednesday: Veteran's Day Lesson. Learn about the holiday and create a card for veteran.
    • Thursday: No School Veteran's Day.
    • Friday: Egypt wrap up. Discussion of test next week. Introduction to India.
    Week of 11/1 
    • Monday: Review and discuss quiz. ATEQ video. Finish up Old Kingdom section of timeline.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto presentation. Begin discussing how the ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids.
    • Wednesday: Media center visit. Continue with how pyramids were constructed.
    • Thursday: Finish up pyramids. Finish up Kingdom Timeline (Middle and New). Begin reading about pharaohs.
    • Friday: Finish pharaoh readings and create online crossword.
    Week of 10/25
    • Monday: ATEQ video, reverse map (inductive reasoning) of mummification process. Study for quiz on Wednesday.
    • Tuesday: ATEQ Motto presentation. Complete reverse mapping, HW if not finished. Begin fill in the blank ancient Egypt Timeline. HW: Study for quiz.
    • Wednesday: Quiz over Geography of Egypt and effects of Egypt's natural barriers. Complete timeline.
    • Thursday and Friday:  Complete DVSS Assessment.
    Week of 10/18
    • Monday; ATEQ Video. Discussion, note take geography of ancient Egypt.
    • Tuesday. ATEQ Motto presentation. Finish Geo of ancient Egypt. Begin reading article discussion how Egypt, Kush, and Mesopotamia utilized their rivers.
    • Wednesday: Media Center return, renew, check out. Finish reading yesterday's article. Create a T-chart comparing & contrasting how the civilizations from the article utilized their water sources in a shared Jamboard.
    • Thursday: Read and discuss article on Mummification. ATEQ activity.
    • Friday: Create a Flow map outlining the steps in mummification in a shared Jamboard with you table.
    Week of 10/11

    Welcome to the Second Quarter!!!

    • Monday & Tuesday: No School, Fall Break
    • Wednesday: Wrapping up the first quarter. Class meeting. Final thoughts on Mesopotamia.
    • Thursday: Mesopotamia wrap. Into to Egypt, pretest. Create a map of ancient Egypt.
    • Friday: Finish map. Discussion & note take of geography of ancient Egypt.
    Week of 10/4
    • Monday: Finish Court Cases write up. All Things EQ Video. Beginning discussion of whether Hammurabi's Laws are fair or cruel. Finish Court Cases for HW.
    • Tuesday: Plan for argumentative paragraph over Hammurabi's Laws. Plan out transitions, paraphrasing, and elaboration. Beginning writing paragraph if time. All Things EQ motto presentation. Finish plan for HW if not completed.
    • Wednesday: Paragraph write. Media Center day. Return/Renew, Check-out new books. Paragraph HW if not completed.
    • Thursday: Political Poster for Ham's Laws. Pretend his laws are up to be decided in the next election. Create a political poster for or against them.
    • Friday: Discussion of later civilizations of Mesopotamia.
    Week of 9/27
    • Monday: Create Map of Mesopotamia
    • Tuesday and Wednesday: Read and discuss the first 25 of Hammurabi's Laws. Present different scenarios where these laws would apply. Write notes on law sheet and summarize 2 of the 4 if time presents itself.
    • Thursday and Friday: Hammurabi Legal Cases. Students will read legal cases and judge using Hammurabi's Laws. Students will then create a write up with either a majority opinion or a dissenting opinion using evidence from the laws themselves.
    Week of 9/20
    • Monday: All Things EQ. Catch up from the past 2 weeks. Walk through Power School and Grades. Overview of Mesopotamia. Study for quiz over Commonalities of River Valleys.
    • Tuesday and Wednesday: Read and discuss the Epic of Gilgamesh. Answer questions. Review game. Study for Quiz over Commonalities of River Valleys.
    • Thursday: Quiz over Commonalities of River Valleys. Read and discuss Hammurabi's Laws.
    • Friday: Hammurabi's Laws part 2. Discuss whether Hammurabi's Laws are fair or cruel. Begin poster creation and essay write.
    Week of 9/13
    • Monday: Agriculture and City-States. Complete Video Questions.
    • Tuesday: Commonalities of River Valley Civilizations. Compare and contrast in a textbox.
    • Wednesday: Mesopotamia Introduction. Make a KWL in a textbox and submit.
    • Thursday: Mesopotamia Overview. Complete Timeline.
    • Friday: Constitution Day. Complete Responsibilities of Govt.
    Week of 9/6
    • Monday & Tuesday: No School
    • Wednesday & Thursday: Create Digital Infographic Over Paleolithic and Neolithic People
    • Friday: Finish Infographic. Lesson over Patriot's Day and 9/11.
    Week of 8/30
    • Monday: Neolithic Village Simulation: In class discovery activity that explores at how Neolithic People would have raised their standard of living. HW: Study for Paleolithic and Why Move Quiz (notes in Canvas and G. Drive).
    • Tuesday: Break down the simulation and discussion of economic terms. Begin discussion of Neolithic People and the Farming Revolution. HW: Study for quiz.
    • Wednesday: Finish Neo. People and Farming. Create Multi-Flow Map of Farming Revolution Effects. HW: Study for Quiz tomorrow. Review game.
    • Thursday: Quiz over Paleolithic People and Why Move (Reasons for Migration). Finish Multi-Flow Map. Begin Comic strip over Neolithic People.
    • Friday: Finish Comic Strip. Take a picture(s) of your comic strip and load into Canvas.
    Week of 8/23
    • Monday: All Things EQ. The Human Migration. Complete the Google Doc if not finished in class. May be worked on in small groups, but each student is responsible for completing own document and submitting to Canvas.
    • Tuesday: All Things EQ. Exploration of the Otzi the Iceman Website. HW: Study Migration/Ice age document quiz Thursday.
    • Wednesday: Complete Otzi Web Quest. May be done with table, HW if not completed. HW: Study for quiz.
    • Thursday: Quiz over Ice Age/Migration. Prep for simulation.
    • Friday: Simulation over raising standard of living in the Neolithic Era.
    Week of 8/16
    Monday: Timeline review for those that struggled. Discuss options for doing retakes from last weeks quiz. All Things EQ. Begin Paleolithic People. HW: Video due Friday.
    Tuesday: All Things EQ. Finish Paleolithic People notes and discussion. Time to plan video or discuss with table for ideas. HW: Video due Friday
    Wednesday: Cave Art Lesson. Explore ancient caves and cave paintings. Answer three questions in text box in Canvas.
    Thursday and Friday: Newscast video due (Friday). Explore the reasons why people move.
    Week of 8/9
    Monday: Students will learn how to read and interpret timelines inaddition to the key parts of timelines. Students will begin working on individual timelines. Details are in Canvas.
    Tuesday: Students will work on individual timelines. Review game for quiz tomorrow.
    Wednesday: Quiz over timelines. Begin learning about the different jobs within history (Archaeology, Paleontology, & Anthropology).
    Thursday: Continue with different roles/jobs in history.
    Friday: Begin What We Will Leave Behind Activity.
  • Goals

    In addition to standards and outcomes, we will have 2 main goals this year. While these will not be specific lessons, they will be embedded in our lessons throughout the course of this year. If students can look at sources, think critically, and learn about the successes and failures of past civilizations, not only will it help them in this class, it will will help them on the path to become productive citizens.

    1. Learn How to Think, Not What to Think
    2. Learn About the Past to Learn From the Past.
  • Class Supplies

    This year I am going to make the effort to be a paperless classroom. Regardless, there will probably be a few things students need while online and once we return in person. Bolded items including online learning.

    Community Supplies

    • Chlorox Wipes
    • Tissues
    • Spiral Notebook
    • Highlighters
    • Writing utensils
    • Colored Perncils/crayons
    • Glue Sticks
    • Dry erase markers