Welcome to Fifth Grade

  • We are looking forward to an exciting year of learning with you!  Our classrooms provide opportunities to learn, grow, and expand your knowledge in a positive learning environment.



    5th grade social studies: Students will be studying United States of America's history, explorers and settlement through the American Revolution. 

    5th grade Language Arts: Students read a variety of literature and informational text with focus on summarizing, drawing inferences, and making connections, using text evidence. 

    5th grade Science: Students will explore, mixtures and solutions, levers and pulleys (friction and gravity), and Space exploration

    5th grade Math: Students learn different strategies for multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers, understand the place value chart to the millions through thousandths place, understand different concepts of fractions, converting measurement with word problems, and students are expected to write explanations for their solutions. 

    5th grade writing: Students will write opinion, narrative, and informative writing pieces. 


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