• 1819 Agenda

    Our plan for Science & Social Studies for Week 17: 



    Week 17: November 29-December 3, 2021


    Monday:  November 29, 2021

    Science:  Skull LAB Reveal

    SS:  Hohokam, Mogollon, Review

    HR:  TBA


    Tuesday:  November 30, 2021

    Science:  CER Review; Fossil Share

    SS:  Mogollon Flipbook

    HR: TBA


    Wednesday:  December 1, 2021

    Science:  Skull LAB CER

    SS:  Mogollon Flipbook

    HR: Mrs. Ware’s Wise Words of Wisdom; Bearathon Funds due!!!


    Thursday:  December 2, 2021

    Science: Are Dragons Real?   

    SS:  Mogollon Review

    HR: TBA


    Friday:  December 3, 2021 - Early Release

    Science:  STEM Friday: 

    SS:  TBA

    HR: TBA


      *** Plans are subject to change due to scheduling, learning opportunities, and/or teachable moments. ***


    Here are our schedules

    Rotation Schedule: 

    Rotation Schedule

    Specials Schedule: (Art, Music & P.E.)

     Specials Schedule

    Recess Rotations Schedule: 

     Playground Schedule


    Lesson plans will be updated soon.