• Course Syllabus and Grading Policy 
    Course Objectives
    ·         Identify and apply the steps in the Scientific method during scientific investigation and write a lab report.
    ·         Develop an understanding of the Earth, its history, composition, and formative processes, and an understanding of the solar system and the universe.
    ·         Develop both skills and content knowledge necessary to be scientifically literate members of the community.
    ·         Identify individual, cultural and technological contributions to scientific knowledge.
    ·         Understand the impact of science and technology on human activity and the environment.
    ·         Understand the characteristics of living things, the diversity of life, and how organisms and populations change over time in terms of biological adaptation and genetics.
    ·         Construct maps, charts, and graphs to locate physical and cultural features around the world.
    ·         Interpret thematic maps, charts, and graphs for geographic information around the world.
    ·         Describe a variety of world regions and why they change.
    ·         Analyze how economic, social, and physical features/resources influence where people choose to live.
    ·         Describe patterns of cultural and economic characteristics of a region/place over time.
    Academic Expectations
    Study Skills:  Students need to come to class ready to learn with the necessary materials:  
    composition notebook, loose leaf paper, pencils and textbook. 
    Daily homework: Reviewing concepts learned in class should be a priority in addition to any assigned work. 
    Class Participation/Labs:  Class participation and labs are essential to the learning process.  Students are expected to participate by actively listening, asking and answering questions, contributing to group discussions/labs and completing all assignments.
    Classroom Responsibilities
    Be on time
    Be prepared
    Respect others opinions and property


    Respect all school policies as stated in the district handbook