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    About Our Class
    Prekindergarten is an exciting time in a child's life. In our Reggio inspired class, the environment plays an intricate role. The environment is intentionally set up with engaging, flexible, rich materials to sustain meaningful interactions. It provokes exploration and experimentation, problem solving, negotiation, communication and collaboration, while promoting a balance between comfort and stimulation. My goal is to provide an environment that contains places for private reflection and encourages interaction that is transformable by children with many possibilities and opportunities for surprise, joy, and investigation. Our project-based class explores a topic of interest in-depth. The children question, explore, investigate, read, write, draw, count, graph, pattern, and experiment along their journey of discovery. We spend much of our time in our outdoor classroom. Through hands-on investigations, teacher facilitated discussions and questioning, a child's innate sense of wonder thrives.  
    Are you looking for something to do with your young child? DVUSD Family Resource Center offers many fun and educational activities for children birth-5 years old. All activities are FREE and many are held right here at Copper Creek! Follow this link to view calendar of activities and for registration information: 
    Instilling the love of math and science in your young child is easy. Read more here:
    Our class is featured in an article published by First Things First. Read how we use our outdoor classroom to expand learning.
    Regular Class Hours:                                       Early Release Hours:                                               
    A.M. = 8:30-11:15                                               A.M. = 8:30-10:00                   
    Full Day = 8:30-3:15                                          Full Day = 8:30-11:50
    P.M. = 12:30-3:15                                               P.M. = 10:20-11:50 

Our first days together

  • A new adventure begins. The children spent their first few days learning school procedures, classroom rules, and getting to know each other. It was a busy and exciting 3 days. Next week, each child will share a family photo. The class will create a graph depicting the number of people in each family, and participate in activities to find similarities. Our math lessons this week will focus on grouping. The children will identify and sort items that are the same, and they will sort items that are the same but have 1 different attribute.


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