• Hi!  My name is Barbara Grossman. I was born and raised in New York, the best city ever!!
    I graduated Arizona State University, with a BS in Elementary Education. As much as I love New York, I decided to stay in Arizona. Sure glad I did, because this is where I met my husband, to whom I have been married to for 38 years.  My husband is a retired teacher in the Deer Valley School District. I have 3 amazing children, the eldest daughter is a kindergarter teacher  and her husband is a physics teacher . However, my other children chose different careers. My middle daughter is a pharmaceutical sales representative and lives in New York, and my son and future daughter-in-law are both in medical fields. In addition  I have 2 delicious grandsons. Isaac who is 11 years old and Elias who is 7 years old. I LOVE being a grandma. It is totally the best.
    I love traveling and have been fortunate to have visited many places already in and out of the United States, and hope to travel much more in the future. Family and friends are very important to me. So we spend a lot of time together enjoying each others' company.
    I enjoy bowling, movies, hiking, swimming, biking, cooking, and baking, and of course, shopping!! What else do I have a love for??????? TEACHING!! I could never see myself doing any other career than this.
    I taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade in Deer Valley and retired after 30 years. After that I did reading intervention for 7 years, and am currently a K-2 instructional coach helping others help you!!! I am so proud to be at Sunrise Elementary School.
        Mrs. Grossman