• The Arizona Legislature passed House Bill 2476 regarding Confinement in public schools which was incorporated into A.R.S. 15-843.

    Under A.R.S. 15-843, the Superintendent shall ensure that disciplinary policies involving the confinement of pupils left alone in an enclosed space shall include the following:


    A process for prior written parental notification that confinement may be used for disciplinary purposes that is included in the Pupil’s Enrollment Packet or Admission Form.


    A process for written parental consent before confinement is allowed for any pupil in the School District. The policies shall provide for an exemption to prior written parental consent if a school principal or teacher determines that the pupil poses imminent physical harm to self or others. The school principal or teacher shall make reasonable attempts to notify the pupil's parent or guardian in writing by the end of the same day that confinement was used.


    In complying with the law we are providing you with a written parental notification regarding confinement. Deer Valley USD would follow the same procedures adopted for seclusion. Each school shall implement positive, evidence-based, safe, and timely plans and procedures for all students including those who exhibit behaviors that interfere with learning or who place themselves or others in danger.  Deer Valley has chosen not to use confinement for disciplinary purposes as this practice would only be utilized in a crisis situation.  The use of confinement is to be used only in an emergency to protect persons from imminent, serious physical harm. If this were to be the case, parents would be notified within 24 hours of the incident. A de-briefing with the affected staff, parents, and, if appropriate, the student will be contacted within a reasonable amount of time. During the debriefing, a determination must be made regarding the need for a functional behavior assessment to be proactive as to not have the incident occur again.


    Prohibited uses of confinement in Deer Valley

    ·         Confinement will not be used as punishment for violations of school rules, for repetitive behaviors, or because of teacher anger toward the student.

    ·         Confinement will not be harsh, severe, or out of proportion with the offense committed and the age and physical condition of the student.

    ·         Confinement will not be used to prohibit reasonable access for the care of the student's bodily needs.



    By signing this form you are acknowledging and verifying that you have read this notification.  Your signature does not constitute agreement to confinement. This form must be returned to each child’s school.



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    Student’s Name Printed                                                         School Name Printed


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    Parent/Guardian Name Printed                                               Date


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