Happy Birthday to You!
    Samantha- August 5th


    Birthday   Celebrations

    Birthdays are fun and we like to make them special in Kindergarten.  In the past, many classes have celebrated children's birthdays with cupcakes, candy, and other sweet treats.  We have many students with life-threatening food allergies on our campus, so our class has a birthday tradition to promote reading and sharing, while keeping sugar and food allergen levels down.

    Instead of food, your child may treat the class to a new or used book wrapped in birthday paper.  After your child unwraps the book during a special time, it will be read to the class and either the book will be returned home, or donated to our classroom library (please let me know if you are donating the book and I will write a special note with your child’s name/date on the inside cover of the book).  We’ll also sing and play games to celebrate your child’s special day.  Look for the ‘Birthday Bag’ to complete at home with your child. 

    Thank you for your understanding and support while we ensure the safety of our children.   

    Happy Birthday- Mrs. Fields