STEM Fun- Spiderweb Challenge!
    Thank you to all the families that joined Thursday night during McTeacher Night. We broke the sales record and raised a total of $1071 for our school!
    Please consider donating a $5 gift-card (to a location of your choice) for our 'Kindergarten $5 Frenzy' basket for the FALL FESTIVAL online auction! Please send the gift-card by October 16th. Thank you in advance for your support.
    In English Language Arts, sight words 'we', 'my', and 'like' will be reviewed. During phonics, we will learn about initial/final Cc. Realism/Fantasy will be our focus comprehension skill as we read our animal fantasy text,
    'Bear Snores On'.
    In Math, we will begin Module 2 (2D/3D Shapes) and continue reviewing the skills in Module 1. We will identify and describe a circle, square, rhombus, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, trapezoid, cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere. Go on a shape hunt at home and identify the shapes all around you!
    During STEM, we will continue our Pumpkin Lifecycle/Planting unit as we prepare for our Tolmachoff Farm field trip. We will also continue learning the Engineer Design Process, as we engineer 'Pumpkin Structures'. Thank you for sending in all the October STEM donations, we are all set!!!

    2019 M&O OVERRIDE ELECTION- Click link for information-

            Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels -

     Please collect Box Tops for NEHS/NJHS events and activities. First collection due-October 18th.

    We are asking for your help to make our task of counting the collections easier. When collecting your Box Tops, please keep them in separate plastic baggies or envelopes. Before sending in your collection, it would be greatly appreciated if you count the number to be donated and write that number on the baggie or envelope. The maximum number to be placed in a single bag or envelope is 50.  Thank you!