STEM Bin Balance....so PROUD!
    In English Language Arts, the sight words 'the' and 'little' will be introduced. We will learn about initial sounds, sequencing, and setting as we read our realistic fiction text, 'Plaidypus Lost'.  
    In Math, we will continue our Eureka, Module 1 (Counting and Cardinality)- Numbers 0-10. We will practice 1 to 1 correspondence, counting the 'kindergarten' way, number flashes using ten frames and our fingers, and correct identification/number formation. 
    During STEM, we will continue our 'color unit' with some fun experiments. Also, ask your child about our STEM Bins.
    In Social Studies, we will conclude our 'Citizenship' unit. However, we will continue building good character traits/core virtues with our weekly Sanford Harmony lessons.
    ***Please remember to return poetry notebooks each Friday. If you forget, please return them on Monday. Thank you.
            Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels -

     Please collect Box Tops for NEHS/NJHS events and activities.

    We are asking for your help to make our task of counting the collections easier. When collecting your Box Tops, please keep them in separate plastic baggies or envelopes. Before sending in your collection, it would be greatly appreciated if you count the number to be donated and write that number on the baggie or envelope. The maximum number to be placed in a single bag or envelope is 50.  Thank you!