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Animation and Engineering Design

Welcome to class!

My name is Mr. Jordan and I've been teaching tech and design courses for going on 16 years now...and I love it (otherwise I wouldn't be teaching it). Whether you're joining me for the first time or a returning student, I'm glad that you're here! We'll be doing some fun things over the duration of your stay: Animation, we'll be creating traditional, 2d, and 3d animations... Intro to Engineering Design, we'll be doing some applied science and math, and learn to use inventor 2018...

...oh, and you'll get to draw too!

Now you might be saying to yourself, "I can't draw worth beans!" and I'm going to tell you that drawing is all part of the creative have to know how to piece together a concept sketch for a client and that's one of the cool things I'll be teaching you this year. In fact, we will only be using the computers for the first three weeks of the class to access our assignments on Canvas...that's all of my classes btw...

"...but I signed up for this class because I get to use a computer!" of course you did...and you will. However, it's important for you to know that the computer and the applications that we will be using are just tools. They don't know anything about design...they need to be told what to do. Knowing Inventor, Animate CC, or Blender without knowing anything about the design process or developing your innate creativity equals lame design...I know. I've seen it. It's not good. Trust me... get out your sketch / engineering notebooks...

ready to create?

" have already begun every project you will ever do. Look, listen, collect, learn, sketch, experiment, bring in, throw out...
Begin well."

Jim Krause
Creative Sparks