O'Connor girls basketball

    The athletic program will make every effort to complement the school mission in achieving academic excellence. Athletics are an integral part of the educational process, and will help support the school's overall curriculum. 

    Participants will be considered "student-athletes" rather than just students or just athletes. The coaching staff will keep constant watch on the development of the student-athletes in the classroom as well as in the athletic arena. The State Board of Education, as mandated by the Arizona State Legislature, requires that each school district must have in place a "NO PASS, NO PLAY" policy. Athletics, speech, theater, music, and spirit-line are all defined as extra-curricular activities that fall under the "NO PASS, NO PLAY" policy. In order to represent the Deer Valley Unified School District in an extra-curricular activity, the student and the parent/guardian shall be notified when:

    • Ineligibility is pending
    • Ineligibility is determined to be necessary.

    Support services shall be made available to students who become ineligible for extra-curricular programs, as well as students notified of pending ineligibility. The same general standards shall apply for special education students, except that such eligibility shall be determined on a case-by-case basis in relationship to the respective student’s Individual Education Program (IEP). In implementing this policy, the following clarifications apply to all students:

    • During an appeal process for loss of credit, the student will be ineligible for extra-curricular activities.
    • A student must maintain enrollment in five classes.
    • Exception: Seniors, who have sufficient credits to graduate, may enroll in as few courses or classes as needed for graduation credit.
    • Ineligibility is declared on Friday and the student-athlete is ineligible Monday through Saturday the following week.
    • All A.I.A. sponsored activities are covered by this policy.
    • Student-athletes may be allowed to practice during periods of ineligibility.

    For a full review of eligibility requirements including "No Pass, No Play", consult the DVUSD athletics handbook or download the AIA Student Eligibility Rules handbook.