• Homework is an important tool for practice and for checking understanding of what was taught in class each day! Please encourage and assist your child with his/her homework. Keep it positive and consistent!
    *Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and should include 10-15 minutes of practice for each of three areas:
    1. Vocabulary/spelling - Practice reading, spelling, and using the words in sentences. The list is sent home in the back of the Homework Folder.

    2. Math - Complete skills practice activity sent home in the front pocket of the Homework Folder. It should be returned to class the next day.


    3. Read 10-15 minutes - Read, read, read! Students should read each night. They can read a book of their choice or a book from their reading book bag. Reading book bags should be stored in the front pocket of the Homework Folder for access at home and school.