• What is H.E.T.?

    Posted by Sara Senatore on 9/4/2013

    Dear Family,

     Desert Sage is a H.E.T. school: Highly Effective Teaching. We will continue to learn how to incorporate this concept into the classroom. The first part is to have the students feel like school is their Community. We work together toward a common goal and live by a common set of behavioral standards.
    In our classroom, we will follow the Lifelong Guidelines of:

                           -ACTIVE LISTENING
                           -NO PUT-DOWNS
                           -PERSONAL BEST

    These five Lifelong Guidelines provide consistent boundaries of what is expected in our school community: what to expect from ourselves and others around us. I will keep you updated throughout the year and inform you what the students are learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Throughout the school year the students will be learning about LIFESKILLS.

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