Green Team News

Park Meadows is GREEN!

  • Our campus is finding ways to make a difference by going GREEN. So far, our campus....
    • has engaged our students to think GREEN. Many have joined our GREEN Team.
    • recycles paper and plastic.
    • recycles aluminum cans (with the help of our PTA!).
    • generates electricity from our solar panels located on the north side of the property.
    • e-mails the latest newsletter, upcoming events, classroom activities, progress reports and other important information to parents. Computers are available in the Office Monday-Friday 7:30 AM-4:30 PM if you don't have a computer.
    • has installed motion sensor light switches in all classrooms to only use power when needed.
    • has programmed thermostats to allow staff and student comfort when needed.
    • As a result, we earned the prestigious Energy Star designation in 2012! 
    Many of these either save our campus money or generate money for us! So don't be surprised if your child comes home and asks you to turn off the lights when leaving a room.


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