• As part of our Discipline Program-students record "positives" and "infractions" on their Grit Cards.  Grit Cards go home each day with the student and is stored in their accordion folder.  Parents should check both sides of the Grit Cards to check on the behavior progress of their child.
    Students are able to earn the "End of the Quarter Reward" Party when they have twice as many "positives" than "infractions,"(2:1 ratio) on their cards. 

     1=Not listening attentively

    2=Not following directions

    3=Off task

    4=Not working independently

    5=Not functioning well in a group

    6=Not completing work

    7=Not prepared for class (missing supplies/materials)

    8=Not respecting rights and property of others

    9=Not respecting authority

    10=Not exhibiting self-control

    11=Not following school and class rules

    12=Not displaying appropriate playground behavior

    13=Not displaying appropriate cafeteria behavior