Mrs. Linda James



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Mrs. Linda James

Classroom phone number: 602-467-5525 (Please be aware that it will go right to voice mail during school hours. The red light will flash and I'll get your message. So please don't hesitate to leave messages.)

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Mrs. Linda James has been working in Deer Valley School District since 1977, as a second and third grade teacher (Constitution and Desert Winds) for the first ten years followed by a continuing  assignment as Greenbrier's SAGE teacher and Gifted Services provider.

She graduated from Arizona State University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in Multicultural Education and Reading.  Currently she is state-certified in Elementary Education with state  endorsements in Gifted Education and SEI.  Her passion for the education of gifted students comes from her experience and understanding of those students as a mother and grandmother of gifted students and her desire to provide an appropriate learning environment for their special needs.

Along with classroom instruction, Mrs. James is an active contributor to the AIMS-DPA test as a passage writer, item writer, content editor and data analyst.  At the state and national level, she has been involved in assessments, standards writing and writing instruction. 

For Deer Valley and Greenbrier, Mrs. James has provided professional development opportunities to staff members.  She has also served as Greenbrier's Reading Liaison for the districtt, on  the school's Leadership, literacy, data, school crisis and intervention teams, and on  discipline, scheduling, duty, calendar, and social committees.  She has served as the school's Spelling Bee coordinator for more than 20 years, as a judge/moderator for the district Spelling Bee for 10+ years and as a judge/moderator of Maricopa County Regional Spelling for  5 years. She also serves as Greenbrier's assessment coordinator and as a member of the school Leadership Team.