Dual Enrollment Options are available on campus in partnership with Rio Salado Community College.  These courses represent the rigor of the community college curricula.
    Rio Salado Dual Enrollment
    Cost: $85 per credit per semester plus $15 registration fee
    College credit transfers to most In-State Transfers (be sure to check on intended majors and if class is needed to fulfill requirements.

    Academic Requirement:

    • Perform within acceptable range on Accuplacer tests at any Community College


    • Pay up front and follow college attendance guidelines


    BGHS Courses offered for Dual Enrollment:

    Sr. Eng lish -              ENG 101

                                    ENG 102 

    English Elective-        COM100 (Semester)

    Jr. DUAL Block -             ENH 110

                                        HIS 103

                                        HIS 104

    10th grade History –HIS110*

                                 HIS 111                          

    Law -      AJS101 – Intro to Law Enforcement

                  AJS107 – Patrol Procedures

    Math -     MAT 151 -College Alg.

                  MAT187* -Pre-Calc H

                  MAT221* - Calculus AB

                  MAT231* - Calculus BC