Birthday Treats: Due to food allergies, we will not be able to have food treats for birthdays. You can do pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. to be given in lieu of food treats.

    Dress Code:  Students need to dress in comfortable clothing for work or play. No halter-tops, stomach showing shirts, or hats worn inside the classroom.  Tank-top straps should be 2 fingers wide and not loose.  No flips-flops.  Please see your student handbook for more information. 

    Weekly Emails:  Each week, you will receive an email with information from our classroom.  This will include what we are learning as well as any important reminders.  If you are not able to receive emails, please let me know and I will print a copy for you.   

    Lunch and Dismissal: Please make sure your child knows what they are doing for lunch and how they are getting home each day. 

    Take Home Folder: This black plastic folder has the Desert Sage Gecko on a blue paper inserted in the front sleeve of the folder.   If possible check your child’s take home folder nightly for papers. Graded papers can stay home.  Please, send the folder to school each day and I will tell your student to bring it home each afternoon.

    Id Number: Please help your child memorize their 6 digit id number. This is vital to ensuring that not only do they get lunch in a timely manner, but are also able to log-in to school computers, and check out library books.  If you need another practice number keypad paper with your child's id number, please let me know and I will make you another one.

    Volunteer Information:  Volunteering can be anything from donating materials to copying for me!  If you are interested in volunteering, I would love to have you! Please remember that you have to take the Volunteer class before you may be a volunteer at our school.  If you have already taken it, you do not need to take it again, but you need to fill out paperwork.  Please email me what you would like to volunteer for.  Let me know how often you want to volunteer and when you're available.  Volunteer Training Dates Click on this link to view volunteer training locations and dates.