• Drug Free AZ is an organization which provides services to parents and teens.
    Attention Parents!! Please be aware of the following drugs that may pose a risk to your child: 
    Vapor Pens and Electronic Cigarettes

    What is it and What Does It Look Like? E-cigarettes and vapor pens have various designs, but they all include a battery, a heating element called an atomizer, and a liquid nicotine cartridge.

    Street Names: E-cig, E-juice, E-liquid, Juice, Smoke Juice, Mods, PV (Personal Vaporizer), Ego

    Short and Long Term Effects: Nicotine is addictive. Studies have shown short term effects to the lungs similar to the effects of regular cigarettes. Little is known of the long term effects.

    Every Parent Should Know: These devices allow the user to inhale the nicotine or other drug producing a low-odor, smokeless vapor.  Manufacturers add flavoring and use packaging that is attractive to youth.  The liquid nicotine can be absorbed through the skin and poses a danger to young children who become exposed.  Some of these devices can be used to vaporize hash oil or dry marijuana leaves.