• Unique Features of Sandra Day O'Connor High School
     Expect the Best.
    College Preparatory Institution
    We are a college preparatory institution that integrates college readiness in a technology rich classroom to offer four-year advanced studies in all core subjects. Students can begin their honors studies as freshmen and advance through both community college dual enrollment and Advanced Placement studies in these areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Laboratory Sciences, Social Studies, Fine Arts, World Languages, and Career and Technical Education.
    O'Connor High School celebrates educating the whole child
    With award-winning programs in Dance, Choir, Band, Marching Band, Theatre, and Advanced Placement Studio Arts programs in Drawing and Ceramics, OHS students can not only explore the Arts- they can thrive with them.
    The Academy of Civic Engagement and Advanced Studies
    O'Connor High School is honored to partner with the Gilder Lehrman Institute to offer a four-year advanced studies program, The Academy of American Studies. This integrated program allows students to study and apply their Social Studies curriculum with ELA, Science and Mathematics in a curricular model that develops students critical thinking and application skills through the use of technology and inquiry-based learning that explore the major themes in American history and development.

    Air Force Junior ROTC program
    OHS offers an open enrollment for students who wish to serve in the four-year program for the Air Force Junior ROTC program. The course offerings emphasize self-discipline, leadership and citizenship and students need not enlist in the military upon graduation. The curriculum is a hands-on approach to study Aerospace Science and may also apply the training towards ground training and their pilot's license certified by the FAA.

    West-Mec Partnership
    O'Connor High School's partnership with West-Mec will allow the school to expand their programs in both Interior Design and Sports Medicine. Along with programs in Media Productions, Engineering, Accounting, Graphic Design, and Marketing- OHS students can explore industries directly aligned to 21st century job markets in a technology rich classroom. Students will explore their content through hands-on, project based units with real-world outcomes.

    Certificate of Advanced Academics

    The Certificate of Advanced Academics provides SDOHS students with the opportunity to showcase their academic excellence and dedication. The certificate will supplement their diploma and serve as an indication of their rigorous course work above and beyond the district requirements. It allows students to showcase college readiness, 21st century skills, and elevate themselves above Arizona’s standard high school graduates. This distinction celebrates their academic talents and commitment to excellence.

    The certificate is awarded at graduation and reflects four years of advanced course work and service learning. The requirements are designed to honor truly advanced learners and acknowledge the time and dedication it takes to pursue a four-year program of advanced course work and commitment to their communities.

    Interested seniors should complete the application below by January 25th, 2019 and notification of receipt of their Certificate of Advanced Academics will be announced at the Senior Awards Ceremony in May.

    Application for the Certificate of Advanced Academics