We offer school bus transportation to all eligible students and expect all of our passengers to know and honor the BUS DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES/GUIDELINES: GRADES K-12 and the EXPECTATIONS FOR A SUCCESSFUL BUS RIDE. Violations to the bus rules can put others into UNSAFE situations. Please read the Bus Discipline Guidelines and Expectations for a Successful Bus Ride so you and your child will understand what infractions are not allowed on the school bus. Students choosing not to obey these rules/expectations may be suspended or expelled from transportation for up to one year. Students being transported are under the direction of the school bus driver.



    Please take the time to go over the bus rules and make certain your child understands them. Be sure your child is at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the assigned stop time. (Most school buses run multiple routes and the driver cannot wait for a child who is late.)  Once the bus doors are closed and the bus starts moving the driver will not stop for late students.  This procedure is for the safety of your child.


    Instruct your child in the safe manner of walking to and from the bus stop, to stand in a safe place to the side of the road when waiting for the bus at the bus stop, and to be respectful of adjacent property.



    In order to become an Arizona School Bus Driver, a person must meet very specific requirements as set forth by federal and state law. Drivers for the Deer Valley Unified School District are expected to maintain discipline while operating the bus in a safe manner. Each driver has received several types of training. In addition to behind-the-wheel training, the drivers are required to pass a physical agility test, random drug tests, attend ongoing refresher instruction and be proficient in First Aid/CPR, and student behavior management.


    Drivers transporting medically fragile children or those with disabilities receive additional training in the care and management of these children.


    We conduct bus evacuation emergency drills twice a year to ensure that our students know how to respond safely in an emergency.



    Our transportation staff is dedicated to providing the safest transportation possible for your child.


    Our fleet operates during rush-hour traffic in all three time frames (a.m., midday, p.m.) and although we do not schedule late buses, this can happen due to traffic congestion, accidents, weather, road construction and student discipline. We do ask for your patience and understanding during these times.


    What If?

    My child is late... If your child fails to return home at his/her expected time, contact the school first. Please keep in mind there can be many reasons for a bus to be late on its route.


    My child receives a “Bus Incident Referral”. The District maintains a discipline procedure to ensure students follow the student conduct safety rules.


    I have a concern about transportation - call 602-467-5070