• Welcome to Home Learning

    Due to COVID-19 closures, the remainder of learning for the year will take place online. 

    What does online learning look like? 

    We will be posting a schedule each week under the Home Learning tab of our website. This schedule will also be posted in our Google Classroom. 

    Mon/Wed - Reading and Social Studies

    Tues/Thurs - Math and Science

    Your students will log into Google classroom by going to classroom.google.com and logging in with their school information. Consider Google Classroom the home base of your student's at home learning. From here, they should be able to find their schedule for the week and all of the links they will need to complete their work. 

    There are about 2 hours worth of activities on the schedule for each day. These can be completed at any time of day.

    We will have office hours Monday-Thursday from 11:00-11:30 and 3:00-3:30 via Zoom. Links can be found in Google Classroom.

    Check out Ms. Crowley's youtube videos for help using our most common classroom features. 

    Don't forget about Specials!

    Join our specials classes on Google Classroom as well. Our teachers have created at home learning opportunities for Art, Music, and PE as well.

    Some tips for learning at home

    • Make a space for learning. Create a place in your home where your student can get comfortable and focus on their learning. 
    • Create a schedule that works for you and your students. Designate two hours each day to spend on online learning. 
    • Stay in contact. All of our third grade teachers love using Class Dojo, please send us any questions that come up!
    • Take breaks!
    • Keep on eye on dvusd.org/covid19 for the most current district updates about COVID-19 closures and online learning. This link has a lot of helpful information about food and nutrition services, picking up technology for students, as well as frequently asked questions about the closure. 


Welcome to Third Grade!

  • Welcome to third grade! We are so excited to get know everyone! Third grade is a big year because it's the first year that students will be required to take the AZM2 (AZ Merit test). We have a lot of learning to do. 

    This year in math, we will be learning all about multiplication, division, fractions, area and perimeter. In reading, we will be learning about summarizing, main ideas, theme, text features, text structures, and using text evidence to support our answers. In writing this year, we will be learning how to write multi-paragraph opinion and informative essays using evidence from our sources. 

    Some ways to help your student at home is to have them practice their multiplication and division facts. They can create flashcards and multiplication charts to help them with their fluency. It is always helpful to have your child read for 20 minutes every night. Students can log in to DreamBox or Zearn at home to review thier math skills. They can use the website i-Ready to work on their reading skills. These websites are great resources because they are personalized for each student to meet their needs based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

    To ensure that all students are able to learn, we will be implementing the Boy's Town management system. This system is based on teaching students the social skills that they need to be successful at school and in life. All of our third grade teachers use Class Dojo for communication. This is a great website where you can check in on your students daily classroom behavior, communicate with all of our teachers, and get updates about what is going on here at school.

    We are looking forward to an exciting year of learning and growth!

Ms. Crowley, Mrs. Mahar, Mrs. Medlin, Ms. Teague, and Ms. O'Grady
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Katie Crowley 602-467-6126 kathryn.crowley@dvusd.org
Cassie O'Grady 602-467-6169 cassie.ogrady@dvusd.org
Kelsey Teague 602-467-6170 kelsey.teague@dvusd.org
Jenessa Mahar 602-467-6149 jenessa.mahar@dvusd.org