• WritePlacer Information:
    The WritePlacer is the test you will need to take if you are wanting to take ENG 101/102 next school year! You will have the opportunity to take it during our class!
    First, what is the WritePlacer and what is expected of you on this test?
    Below is a an important link that walks you through the expectations in detail! It provides test instructions for the students, sample prompts, and sample student essays with scores and explanations for the scores! I highly encourage you to go through and review this!
    WritePlacer – ENG101
    Score needed to enroll: 5 or above
    Students are given a passage to read and a question about the passage. They are directed to plan and write a multi-paragraph essay (300-600 words) in which they develop their point of view on the question given. They must support their position with reasoning and examples taken from their reading, studies, experiences, or observations. This test measures a student’s ability to write effectively, which is critical to academic success. The writing sample will be scored on the basis of how effectively it communicates a whole message to the readers for the stated purpose. The score is based on the student’s ability to express, organize, and support their  opinions and ideas, not the position they take on the essay topic. The following five characteristics of writing will be considered:·        
    • Focus—The clarity with which the student maintains their main idea or point of view
    • Organization—The clarity with which the student structures their response and presents a logical sequence of ideas
    • Development and Support—The extent to which the student elaborates on their ideas and the extent to which they present supporting details
    • Sentence Structure—The effectiveness of the student’s sentence structure
    • Mechanical Conventions—The extent to which the student’s writing is free of errors in usage and mechanics
    Keep in mind that although a score of 5 is what you need to pass, here are the descriptors of what an essay should include to receive the highest score, which is an 8:
    An essay that receives a score of 8 demonstrates clear and consistent mastery of on-demand essay writing with a few minor errors. A typical essay with this score:
    • Effectively and insightfully develops a point of view on the issue.
    • Addresses an appropriate audience and demonstrates a clear purpose for writing in the thesis statement.
    • Demonstrates outstanding critical thinking, using effective examples, reasons, and other evidence to support its position.
    • Is well organized and clearly focused, demonstrating clear coherence and smooth progression of ideas.
    • Exhibits skillful use of language, using a varied, accurate, and apt vocabulary.
    • Demonstrates varied and effective sentence structure.
    • Is free of major errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.