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    This year is my 21st year teaching at Mountain Ridge; however, I have been involved with Ridge since 1995 because I was in the very first graduating class to attend all four years. I currently teach English Language Arts 1-2 Honors and Honors Gifted and ELA 3-4 Honors and Honors Gifted.
    I graduated from Arizona State University and fully support those Sun Devils! Gifted education is a passion of mine, and I continue my own education by focusing on the needs and skills of gifted learners. This includes completing a gifted endorsement through the Arizona Department of Education. 
    Academic Decathlon is the club I am currently coaching. Academic Decathlon is a club where there is competitive focus on a topic in 10 areas (math, economics, art, music, social sciences, science, language and literature, speech, interview, and super quiz). This year the focus is technology and humanity. 
    This will be another amazing year at Mountain Ridge! I can't wait to be involved in the educational growth of another group of fantastic students!