• Using the West Wing Library Media Center

    Getting around the LMC is easy if you know how to use it!  First, you should know your way around the LMC. Our library has 7 sections and they are:
    YA Young Adult  (7th and 8th graders only.  Notice the pink dots on the books)
    Everybody non fiction  (notice the red dots on the books)
    Begining Chapter  (notice the green dots on the books)
    All books are arranged on shelves in very specific ways, so it’s important to understand book types to find the book you need. It’s also very important that you keep the books properly shelved. Students are encouraged to use a Shelf marker while visiting the shelves. This helps everyone find what they need by keeping books in the correct order.
    Remember, the more you use the LMC, the easier it will become to find things on your own. So come in regularly!