• First grade gets to enjoy six parties this year! If you would like to volunteer at any of the parties, please let me know on the volunteer form, or you can contact me or the Homeroom parent prior to the party. We hope you will be able to join us for the

    1. GRANDPARENTS' DAY CELEBRATION-9/8/17 9-10 in the cafeteria
    2. FALL PARTY-Tuesday, OCTOBER 31st 2:30-3:15pm Kids can change into their costumes for the party!
    3. VERY INFORMAL CLASSROOM Thanksgiving Play: Date  TBD (Usually at 3pm the last Thursday before break) 
    3. HOLIDAY PARTY:  Thursday, December 21st 2:30-3:15pm Donation Letter to come home after Thanksgiving. Students will also be asked to bring in 25 items/ small presents to fill each other's stockings. For example, a student could bring in 25 pencils or 25 erasers, 25 stickers, etc. Please do not spend a lot of money on these small gifts and make sure they can fit into a stocking along with the rest of the class's presents. 
    4. VALENTINE Exchange:  Wed, Feb. 14th 
    We love to celebrate birthdays in our class!  If you would like to send in a birthday treat for your child, please make sure that the treats are unopened, store-bought items. We do have a student with an allergy to GLUTEN. Therefore, if the treat can be FREE OF THESE ITEMS that would be great! If not, please let me know ahead of time so that I can make arrangements for the other students to have a snack sent in from home. We currently have 25  students (this can change, so please check back here or with me). Birthday treats are typically enjoyed in the afternoon near the end of the day. Birthdays are recognized during our calendar routine as well.  We will recognize summer birthdays at the end of the school year. Please do not send birthday party invitations to be distributed at school unless all children receive an invitation. Thank you!